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About us

Passionate to deliver outstanding care for our patient's myopic eye


Our story

Myopic Eye was founded by a passionate optometrist with a personal mission: to help children struggling with progressive short-sightedness and prevent their vision from deteriorating further. Syafiq, who has worn glasses since the age of 8 and now suffers from high myopia, understands the challenges of living with this condition. This journey ignited a deep understanding of myopia's impact and a commitment to sharing innovative, research-backed solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with myopia through safe, non-surgical vision correction. We seek to improve lives, enabling active lifestyles and daily excellence while reducing myopia's prevalence in children. Our ultimate goal is to provide them with clearer vision as adults.


Our Vision

Myopic Eye envisions leading myopia management through Orthokeratology. We aim to establish new standards, drive pioneering research, and create a world where fewer children experience myopia, ensuring clear vision is accessible to all.

Our team

It's a one man show for now

Side Shot

Syafiq Kusni


Syafiq is deeply passionate about managing short-sightedness in children. Wearing glasses since he was eight and understanding the hurdles that come with severe myopia, Syafiq is on a mission. He strives to guide parents, ensuring their children benefit from optimal eye care habits, and avert the challenges he faced.

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